The Joy of Shopping!

It’s been quite a while, but Spring is here, which means Spring cleaning, organizing, and destashing. I thought it was high time to start going through my studio and sharing treasures that have been hidden away for ‘sometime’.

vintephempk2I have such a collection of antique ephemera that I use in my collages – more than I will ever be able to use, so I put many together into ephemera packs:

VintEphemPk Large

I put these in my Etsy shop along with a few of my favorite collage prints:

Night Sounds copywrited

There’s so much more to come; checks and back records from the 1800s, vintage drugstore prescriptions, ticket stubs, wine labels, letters and postcards from the turn of the century….  the list is delicious!

More will be added in the coming weeks. I’m sure there will be something fabulous for you!

See you there!


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No Peanut Butter with my Gelli

first tryI’ve been having a really good time working in this year’s art journal this year! I’ve found a great group of artists and we’re all working on similar journal projects for 2014.

Many of the artists use what’s called a Gelli Plate to make art prints for backgrounds. Although I’ve found these online, they’re expensive to me and I haven’t found them in my local stores at all. So, I tried something different and used a foam sheet instead. It works!!

After some questions on how I made my prints, I did a very short video to share with the journaling group and thought I’d share here for anyone else who might be interested in giving it a try.

Go ahead! I bet you’ll be as addicted to this as I am 🙂


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oct01 b 2013

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Check out my Baby

maddy selfie

Meet my daughter, Maddy 🙂  She’s my baby, but at 15, not a baby any longer.  She’s a sophomore at our local high school, AP and Honors student.

This year, she began studying German. It’s in her background – her great-grandfather 100% German ancestry. Recently, we learned that every two years, her teacher takes a group of students on an educational/cultural trip to Europe – most time spent IN Germany, and it will be coming up this Summer! What a opportunity!!

As scary as it is for a mom to consider sending her teen daughter to the other side of the world with out her, there’s no way I couldn’t let Maddy go for it! She hit the ground running, and has committed to spending the next 8 months raising the funds to get herself included in this trip.  I’m adding a link to her ‘gofundme’ page below in case you’d like to check it out.  If you have the inclination to ‘Pay It Forward’, know that all proceeds will go directly to this awesome trip.

Maddy’s Dream Trip

Thanks for taking a peek at it and feel free to share if you wish to!

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The Sanity of an Art Journal

Not too long ago, I’d posted a few of the ‘before’ pages in my art journal. These were pages waiting for the right mood or thought to hit me.  My journals have been sitting on my studio table (what a mess!) and I go in there a few times a day, flipping through one or another (yes, multiple journals all in progress) seeing if something catches my eye.

Over the past weeks, I’ve touched on many different pages here and there, and even began another journal, starting new ‘before’ pages.   I thought it was time to share a few completed and in progress pages of my sanity. I hope you find a little inspiration in them for your own journals.












Yes.  I know I used this same quote on another journal page.  I think it’s one of my favorites, and I did so without even realizing it!  I guess it says something to me.








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Simply Listen


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sept13c cw

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