About Me

I’m a self taught, multi media artist living in one of the suburbs of the Seattle Washington area. Most of my work focuses around altered arts, mixed media collage, and handmade jewelry.

Beginning in 2011, I’ve challanged myself to create a piece of art every single day. I began blogging to keep track of my accomplishments and have been posting daily if possible. Maybe you’d like to follow along.

I live at home with my wonderful spouse, and three teenagers. My art is the perfect creative outlet. I always seem to have my hands in something, be it paint, glue, a decorating project around the house, or cooking (another joy!)

Please know that all images shared on my blog are my personal pieces of artwork – owned by me. Please do not print, photocopy, share, or reproduce them in any manner.

I’m very new at this whole blog thing, and learning as I go. If you have any helpful hints, share away! If you have criticisms, please be gentle 🙂


One Response to About Me

  1. Hi girlfriend!!! I love your blog – very YOU! are your kids REALLY teenagers now??? yikes – I need to come visit you again – soon!

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