Starter Journal Pages

I find I ususally have multiple art journals going at the same time, most with different themes or styles of art.  I’m excited to be planning a ladies weekend with a couple of my art friends in a few weeks. CAN’T WAIT!!

When I’m away from home doing art, I have a hard time finishing what I plan to.  I have my studio here, so it’s always convenient to reach over and grab any supply I want. When I’m “arting out”, I don’t have that luxury. What I decided to do was to prep a couple art journals and have pages ready to complete with whatever I happen to be feeling that day.

I have two journals that I’m getting ready at the moment.  One is simply an altered book. The other is a pad filled with watercolor paper that will be used for mixed media art journal pages. I’m only working on one side of the pages and I’m not if I will keep them coil bound as they are when I’m finished, or if I may remove some of them to be framed, or use as other art.  I guess I’ll figure it out later.

At the moment, I have ten pages ready to go.  Here are their beginnings  (You can click on individual images to see a larger picture):


This one was done with Adriondak spray inks, acrylic paint, and stamps.


Watercolor sprayed over with water and digital art prints.


Shimmer mist over tree stencil, digital print, hand dyed paper towel.


Adriondak spray inks, stencil with shimmer spray, acrylic paint, and digital print.


Concentrated shimmer mist sprayed over with water, acrylic paint stamping, digital print, and stenciled wings.


Brushed watercolor, acrylic painted stencil, art print on an old book page.


Adriondak inks, stencil water resist (for lack of a better term), old book pages, digital image, acrylic paints.


Adriondak spray inks, stencils, sequin waste, acrylic paint.


Acrylic paint, art print on an old book page, rubber stamped images, decorative papers.

I’ve been enjoying just playing with no plan to prep the pages. I think everything will slow down as I actually do the journaling and finishing touches. I’m sure adding in a couple friends and a bottle of wine will help in the process 🙂


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"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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2 Responses to Starter Journal Pages

  1. Jeanette says:

    You see these as background pages…I see them as complete LOL beautiful as always my friend.

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