Yummm Thai!

I have to do a little plug here for a place my hubby and I went this week. It was a cooking class put on by ‘Culinary Events Northwest’ (www.culinaryeventsnw.com)  I came across their events by happy accident and ended up booking classes for us to celebrate Tom’s birthday. Wow! It was fun!!

Here’s what we ended up making (and eating!):

Photo0196We started with three appetizers.  Por Pia Tod (spring roll with sweet and sour sauce), Phoo Ja (crab cake  with cucumber salad and sweet chili sauce — the crab cake is under there, I swear), and Miang Kam (a delicious tidbit wrapped in Chapoo leaf  – described as an explosion in your mouth, and Oh It Is!)

Photo0200Next we had Rama Rong Song (mixed greens  served with pan fried, seasoned tofu, and lemongrass peanut sauce.)

Photo0198The salad was followed by Pla Nuang Manao (steamed white fish with a lime-garlic sauce… oooo spicy!)

Photo0201Last up on the menu – Kao Man Gai (poached chicken served with ginger garlic sauce and chicken garlic flavored jasmine sticky rice.)

Our chef (Pranee Halvorsen) was fun, entertaining, and quite the awesome cook. I suppose it didn’t hurt that these dishes were true Thai meals that she credited often to her grandmother.  They were all so fresh and easy. They also had a wine specialist that chose a variety of wines for tastings during each of the different courses.

Will we do it again?  In a heartbeat! What a great date night. If you life in the area and enjoy cooking, I definitely recommend you check them out.


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2 Responses to Yummm Thai!

  1. Mmmmhmm… Going to search for a class like that in my area. If not, I will have to find a restaurant. Looks delicious!

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