My Studio

Ah!!!!  Why have I gotten quieter over the past week?  I’ve been in organization mode in my studio. It actually go to packed with stuff that I was getting overwhelmed.  As much as I hated to do it, I’ve taken boxes upon boxes of wonderful supplies out to the garage to put in a future Spring rummage sale.  Why?  Because I’ve become a supply collector instead of doing the art I want to.

Sometimes, less IS more!

Would you like to come in and see how I organized it?  I have to say, it’s an ongoing process and always seems to improve.


This is my work area. Pretty much everything I need on a regular basis is within my reach. Drawers on this side include ‘color’ (paints of all kinds, pencils, chalks, etc.), adhesives, texture papers (napkins, tissue paper), fibers, ‘regular’ paper sorted by color, 3dimensional embellishments, and a big drawn of half-finished projects that need a little more attention.


I love having all of my stamps out to see, but I definitely need to go through them and sort out those I don’t use often enough. That is probably going to be my hardest task in the studio. I love my stamps. Can you tell?


My ribbon hangs by a dowel rod from under a set of wall cabinets. I figured this system out a few years back, and I have to say it’s extremely handy. The only thing I dislike is having to take the entire thing down to remove empty spools. You can probably tell that by the empty spools still mixed in with the rest of the ribbon. 🙂


Directly behind where I work, is my bookshelf. I keep my big bottles of gesso and matte medium there since I use it a lot. Also, there’s a big stack of art journals (all partially filled in), art books, magazines, family scrapbooks, and a basket filled with all my ChunkyBooks

from swaps. They’re great with I need a little artistic inspiration.


This is something new I decided to do this time. I bought a case of small and medium canning jars and started using them to put supplies in. It’s easy to see what I have and when I’m running low. I still have plenty of drawers to sort in my iris carts.


Pencils, pens, scissors, craft knives, rulers, awl… all of those things are stored in a pampered chef utensil holder that stores easily on top of my cabinet, or moves to the table when I need it.  Pretty much, anything I need is easily available. You can see I even put my laptop on top of my iris cart, so I can listen to music while creating, or pop it over to the work table if I want to watch an art class. (I’m so loving this!) studio7

I used to use this bookshelf for… books!  But, no, I had other plans.  Since it came with only 2 shelves and I wanted to be able to sort more, I ran over to Lowes and had them cut a melamine shelf into 3 shelves for me – perfectly sized to fit inside my pre-made  bookcase! A few plastic pegs later and I have a wonderful cabinet that I will use for fabric, and (when I get to sorting everything I left on the top there) beading supplies.studio8

You can tell I usually sit on the left side. I have my ink pads, stencils, markers, and glue sitting right there waiting.  There’s also plenty of room (and a chair!) on the right if you want to come join me.

Bring your imagination.  And coffee.


About connieartz

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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