Cinderella? Where are you?

What a rough morning!  It feels like a Monday where everything goes wrong, but it’s Thursday. How can that be?

The kids have each had their own morning struggle, the laundry is screaming at me – and it outnumbers me by a longshot! – I have a raging migraine, and on top of that, I found that our newest puppy ate part of the family scrapbook.

Oh, wait!! It’s the thirteenth. Could that be it?

Nothing cures me and makes me smile like a little art time. Although I had a digital ready to go today, I decided to sit down and work on another. By the time I finished, with all of the housework, kids, pets, and responsibilities in front  of me, I thought Cinderella was fitting 🙂   (and I was smiling again.)

Thank goodness we have gas fireplaces.

dec13 cw



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"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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