Back to Basics

Well!  I seem to have my fingers in many (many!)  art pies at the moment.

  • digital art on the computer
  • multiple art journals
  • beading / jewelry making
  • mixed media canvas
  • drawing
  • and my newest art class on plaster castings
  • music – of course! – on the piano

What do you think?  A good thing?  Too much?  I guess I haven’t decided one particular place that my creative winds are blowing at the moment. Personally, I see that as a great thing. I’ve been through enough times over the years that I walk into the studio, look around, and walk back out with a sigh — and no inspiration! Having too many choices and irons in the fire to know what to work on next doesn’t feel so bad.  More so, it feels like I have a place to run away any time my day starts wearing me down, AND I have many options on where to go.

Last week I ordered Moo Cards for the first time. What is that?  Think of a Moo Card as a mini ATC — pretty much half the size of a business card. They come 100 to a box, and you can choose 100 different images if that’s your fancy. I chose a 14 of my first digital collages and had them printed up on glossy cardstock. I have to say, I was really impressed when I got them! They’re heavy-weight and professional, and I will definitely do this again in the future.

I hole punched them and put one of each on a hinged ring so I could have a little art sampling to carry around in my purse any time I wanted. My husband had an awesome idea of having family gathering photos printed up and being able to share them with other family members. Pretty cool!

** If you decide to order your own Moo Cards, you can get there through the link for my order (below)  and it helps me get credit for more Moo cards! Woohoo!!

I’ve also spent so much time playing on my computer with the digital images, I miss getting my hands dirty in the studio. So, it was time to clean up a bit in there, make sure I could see the top of my work table, and get busy.

Today is the day!   I’m hoping that the next time I post, it will be something coming from that room.


About connieartz

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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