I Could Read The Sky – New Altered Book

And so it begins… a personal altered book journey.

While joining a new round robin, I came up with a list of possible themes. I could only pick one, of course, and being the multi-tasking, bull-headed, always-have-to-be-doing-something type, I didn’t pick just one. I picked a theme for the round robin, and then started pulling apart a stash of discarded books to ready them for additional endeavours!

The title of one book in particular caught my attention. It was called “I Could Read the Sky.” That title reached out to me on so many levels….  the beauty of nature… the endless colors of morning, sunsets, rainbows, and even storms…. Heaven… wishing stars… dreams…


I had to put a piece of myself into this book!

I began the first page yesterday. A quote from the intro page had to stay right where it was:

I built the first page of my altered book around that quote…

I’ve done most of my altered books in an exchange setting. Even though you begin your own book, what you end up with is a collaboration of many souls. It’s been many years since I’ve altered a book with only my personal thoughts and images.

I think it’s a necessary journey.


About connieartz

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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2 Responses to I Could Read The Sky – New Altered Book

  1. Gina says:

    Well done for finding this title so inspiring…you obviously do NEED to make this book. We all need to take a little time out to focus on ourselves occasionally, and this page says so much more about how you are feeling than the few words on it 😀 XXX

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