The Beat Goes On

In my ‘Music and Lyrics’ altered book, that is.

First off, I added to the sign in page with the page on the left. Since the tags are attached to guitar picks, I thought it would be interesting to use a red pick as the arrow.

I finished the page “Our House” (Crosby, Stills, & Nash).

And, a song that is a favorite of one of my friends, “Kind of Blue” (Miles Davis) – a song as old as I am!

I still plan on doing a song or two more, but I’m having difficulty narrowing it down to which I should choose:

  • Beautiful Mess (Jason Mraz)
  • Immortal (Evanescence)
  • Come Away With Me (Norah Jones)
  • Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (John Mayer)
  • East of the Sun, and West of the Moon (Diana Krall)

There are just so many visual possibilities for each of those, I don’t know what I’ll pick. I guess I’ll wait and see which jump out at me the next time I’m in the studio.


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"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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One Response to The Beat Goes On

  1. What a SUPER idea for the sign in pages. Love the guitar picks. And your pages are fantastic, too. I see possibilities in all the music you have considered. Keep us posted on when you work on it again. I take it this is for a round robin.

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