It’s About Time

Happy Autumn, art followers.

Remember me?

The blog author?

OK. I can’t blame you if you don’t. My ‘piece of art a day’ dwindled to one a week… one every couple weeks.. .and now I haven’t posted since ~GASP~! September?! My apologies. I see that there have been some die-hard followers that have sweetly come by to check often and I want to assure you, I’ve climbed back aboard my trusty steed ‘Paint’ (oh, that is such a horrid pun) and will do better to keep in touch regularly.

I think that last post is part of the reason I haven’t gotten much accomplished. Remember my ‘Teesha Moore Journal’? Yes – I LOVE the handmade journal, but no, I just can’t do a ‘no brainer, slap some pieces of paper down and call it good’ page. I love Teesha’s style and can pour over her art any time. To try to make something in her style come out of me? Uhh… no. And as well it shouldn’t, because my name’s not Teesha!

Back to my own style and my OWN journal today.

There are moments in life that have no explanation. So often I think we end up shying away and letting those moments pass by. Instead, I hope to learn to breathe, and simply enjoy it all….

Have a wonderfully arty day!


About connieartz

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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4 Responses to It’s About Time

  1. AMy McDonald says:


    i sent you an email begging – Begging! for forgiveness.
    and her i am grovelling on your page as well.


    you surely can’t help but forgive a girl who grovels?

  2. Hey Connie – is this a stamp set you are using? I really like the different letters.

    • connieartz says:

      Hey Cindy,

      I acutally mixed a couple stamp sets for this one. One is a cheap foam backed set I found on clearance somewhere. I have no idea who makes it. As far as the others, you can fine a gazillion wonderful alphabets in any size you could possibly want at: She’s a great vendor and extremely helpful if you have any questions. I have quite a few sets I’ve purchased from her site and I’ve never been disappointed. Have fun!

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