Journal Page in the Works

Do you like going through books or magazines and seeing art pages as they’re being made instead of just the final project? I do!! There’s something about seeing layers  being added in that inspires me to play with my art supplies.

Today I started on a new journal page. I had no plan in mind when I began on what it was going to be. That’s pretty usual for me. Sometimes I’m in an emotional mood and I have a feeling or word in mind when I start – but not today. I find that if I start with nothing, by the end of a project, I actually DO have a feeling about it.. a memory.. something that creating the art brings out. That’s today!

Paint on. Paint off.

I began like Mr. Miyagi – Paint on. Paint off. I began with a deep green paint for a background. Painted robin’s egg blue over the top, and then scrubbed the paint off with a paper towel. You can tell I worked faster on one page than another. Learning experience!

I saw this little trick in Traci Bunker’s book “The Art Journal Workshop: Breakthrough, explore, and make it your own.” That plastic stencil is actually a plastic basket from the dollar store! I saw a picture in Traci’s book and immediately went to the dollar store to buy all kinds of plastic baskets to cut apart and use in my art. Fun!

I pressed glaze through the stencil with a foam paintbrush. Easy!

Add stamped images.

As soon as I added the butterflies and dragonfly, I thought of how fast Summer is slipping away. It feels as though we haven’t had much of a Summer here in the Northwest this year! I lightly stamped a background and at this point, decided this journal entry would be about the feel of Summer.

I stamped wording onto the pages using black acrylic paint, stenciled around with gesso through a bit of sequin waste, and edged the entire piece in red & black. I took a bit of the left over gesso and highlighted the wording to make it pop. It made a big difference from the flat look it had beforehand.

I’ll add my Summer thoughts later and the page is finished.


About connieartz

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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3 Responses to Journal Page in the Works

  1. Halle G says:

    Awesome journal pages! Love the way the gesso highlighting really made those letters jump off the page.

  2. NatashaMay says:

    I love seeing in progress photos, too. 🙂 THis turned out awesome!

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