Art Day with Friends

It was another art day with a couple of great friends; Jeanette and Linda. It’s always fun when they come over, even without the fourth musketeer today (We missed you, Leslie!)

As usual, I don’t get a ton done, as most of our time is spent catching up with what’s happening in life, and oogling each other’s new art masterpieces. Even still, I managed to get a couple things accomplished!

First off, Jeanette showed me how to make these fun backgrounds. They’re all done on watercolor paper. The idea was to start out with a coat of gesso, next a layer of black acrylic paint, then spray inks over stencils on top, followed by ‘daubbering’ with acrylic paint (white and I also used pink) over the top. You’re supposed to let it dry in between each step. Anyway, the last layer of paint picks up the colored inks from under it and that’s what changes the top layer of color. (I’m not explaining this well!)

I wanted to try it a couple different ways, so:

The left page is done as I described above. The top right page was done using clear gesso, all the rest the same. The bottom right was done with just black gesso, no layer of black acrylic afterwards. It looks like that worked just as well as the first process. It was interesting.

Last, I finished (I think) the current portrait I was working on. If you remember from my earlier posts, it’s done on a 12×12″ sheet of board. I will have to continue watching the rest of the portrait classes I’m supposed to be doing! So far, I’ve only made it through the first class and there’s a ton more I could be learning!

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