Seeing Stars

I love the rustic metal stars for decorating. I have a large one about 3ft across covered in family photos in my living room.  I also bought a string of smaller stars meant to be a garland and took them apart so I could use them individually.

It’s really easy to embellish the stars. You can decoupage` over them any way you want, using photos, scrapbook paper, or any mixed media technique you choose. The ones I’ve done below are super easy!

Begin by making a template for your triangles. Mine is the white piece of paper at the bottom right. All I did was take a piece of paper and pressed it over one of the sections, creasing it with my fingers. Cut out on the lines and make sure it’s the size you want it to be by laying it over the sections of the star.

Choose photos, pieces of paper, or fabric for your star. Use the template you made to cut out one section for each piece of the star. Lay them over the star where you plan to glue them down, pressing/folding them over the center crease so that they will sit flat.

One section at a time, use a paintbrush to cover the star with glue (I used matte medium). Lay the coordinating piece over that section and cover the top with glue also. Repeat until you’ve decorated the entire star.

Brush a final coat of glue over the entire piece and allow it to dry. You’re done!


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One Response to Seeing Stars

  1. Marilyn Morrison says:

    I LOVE those stars !

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