June’s Final Background

It’s mid-June, and time for me to post the last background technique for the month. From here on out, it’s time to play, practice, and post your pieces!

Today’s background technique is perfect for your altered book covers. However, the great thing about it, is that it works on all kinds of things besides books! Try this technique on canvas, wood (boxes), paper mache`, or whatever you choose. You’re going to love it.

Things you’ll need for today’s project:

  • Base (whatever you’re working on)
  • matte medium
  • medium paintbrush
  • tissue paper
  • acrylic paints
  • gesso
  • spray webbing (optional)

Video #1 – Introduction to Textured Tissue backgrounds

Video #2 – Applying the textures

Video #3 – Adding color and finishing


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2 Responses to June’s Final Background

  1. ann Jensen says:

    this looks fab. Gonna try it right away…Thanks. Good directions.

  2. You made some lovely tutorials. I’m off to try the inks, but I don’t have any of the brand you have. I really love the look of this book cover.

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