Inky Backgrounds

Ready to make a little mess?????

I’m back with another F.A.T. (featured art technique.)  This one is really fun and it has you using your inkpads and reinkers! I love ink!

For these techniques you’ll need:

  • water based ink pads (minimum 2 colors)
  • water based ink pad reinkers
  • water spritzer
  • salt
  • paper / background (watercolor paper works best)
  • heat tool or hairdryer (optional)

Video #1 – An Introduction to Inky Backgrounds

Video #2 – Basic Ink Backgrounds

Video #3 – A variety of different inky backgrounds

AND FOR THE VIDEO CHALLANGED 🙂  Here are the techniques with ‘basic’ how tos –

Press ink pad directly onto craft sheet or aluminum foil (Yes!!). Spritz with water until ink 'beads'. Lay your paper into the inks. Dry with heat tool. Respray foil with water. Redip. Redry. As often as you wish to get the desired effect.

Spritz your paper with water. Drop 2-3 drops of reinker ink directly onto the paper. Turn paper, spritz more, and continue for desired effect. Partially dry with your heat tool, allowing some portions to puddle with ink. Air dry.

Make a water and ink background. While still fully wet, sprinkle with coarse salt. Air dry, then brush away the salt.

Stamp over your paper while still damp. Sponge edges in ink while still damp. Ink will bleed and spread.

(2 ink colors only) Stamp multiple times without re-inking your stamp for layers of color. Use sponges to add color to edges.

I hope you enjoyed playing with inks!  See you next time for some great paper towel backgrounds. They’re my absolute favorite!


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3 Responses to Inky Backgrounds

  1. Fabulous!! love a technique that i have all the stuff for!!
    drywall is great..just don’t have any!

    thanks so much!!!

  2. I don’t have the stamp pads, but I have a lot of reinkers. I really like all the inky techniques you chose to show. It’s always fun to revisit techniques I’ve done in the past, and try ones I’ve never with, like the stamped images.

  3. Amy McDonald says:

    Gah. I can’t get inky video #2 to load. i’m headed to youtube to try it there.

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