Fun With Dick and Jane

It may not actually be ‘Dick and Jane’, but I’m really enjoying being back in an altered book once again!

I played with a couple different techniques in Dekida’s book today; finishing a second book spread. I overstamped with acrylic paints, washed the pages with shimmer watercolor, used a cardboard tube to ‘drip’ paint, spattered with my paintbrush, and made a window in a center page that I used as a web. It was fun.


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"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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4 Responses to Fun With Dick and Jane

  1. Amy McDonald says:

    Okay. I love this. I really do.
    Plus, you must know that your email made me laugh out loud.

    You have perfect comedic timing in your writing.

  2. These pages are gorgeous and amazing. I love the techniques you used, too. I’ve been checking out your blog and I hope you put some of your awesome art on ABC, too. I love what you make.

    • connieartz says:

      Thanks!!! I always feel like I’m shoving my stuff down people’s throats when I post on the groups. I’ll make sure to share more there, toO 🙂

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