Going Gothic

When I began joining art groups online years back, I turned into a swap addict. I joined and hosted so many swaps it was ridiculous. I loved the creating part… I loved getting packages in the mail filled with wonderful tidbits made by people I’d never meet… The things I didn’t like were that sometimes swaps could become drama fertilizer, and that after a time, I would end up with all these ‘things’ with the question of “What do I do with them, now?”

I haven’t done an art swap in forever. I think that’s a lot of what slowed down my creativity over the past year or more. Swaps challenge you. Someone gives you a topic, a color, a technique, etc., and you have to make whatever it is using the guidelines. It forces you to be out of your normal circle – and I like it!

I joined an art swap about a week ago. It was small – just create two gothic arches to trade. No template. No measurements. No ‘rules’… just make them – and we’ll swap them. Cool!! I had fun making mine.

I also offered to fill in for an Altered Book Round Robin if needed – and I’m needed! I’m already looking forward to it. Already excited about being challenged to create for other people in a theme of their choosing – and, about having this be ongoing for a few months ahead. Wonderful!!!!

I’ve considered my art-a-day challenge. The intent was to create each day – and I have been. I wonder now if I want to continue with the 4×4 collages along with whatever else I do, or just skip it if I create something else that day. I guess for now, I’m going to wing it. The one thing I don’t want to do is to make my personal daily art challenge into a chore rather than something I enjoy. Counter productive, don’t you think?

I guess you’ll have to follow along with me and find out what wins…  Have an artful day!


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"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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2 Responses to Going Gothic

  1. Karen Owen says:

    Connie, I totally agree with you. I need some of these art swaps and challenges to keep my creative juices flowing. A couple of years ago, I thought I had had enough and wanted time to go “my own direction”. Basically I just stopped creating. Once I joined in again, the creativity returned.

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