Controlled Chaos

What a day!!

It’s deffinately chaotic at my house these days. My two girls have been fighting a rotten stomach flu, and as we continue the never-ending quest for medication mangement, my son has been making each day a new challange in parenting. If I lived in the middle of nowhere, I suppose I could head outside to release a few animalistic shrieks. As it is, I’ll spend the time in the studio. Heck – it’s nearly as theraputic, right?

I really love backgrounds with all kinds of detail. They’re eye catching on their own merit, but we don’t normally pay much attention to them for their individual appeal. Sometimes I have to stop and look to see what’s there…  sort through…  Not today. Today it’s simply controlled chaos — just like home.


About connieartz

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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