Color, color, everywhere

4/20/11 portrait

Today’s piece came about in about 5 minutes. Seriously. My daughter sat across from me at my studio table and we talked away as I glued and inked… the end result nothing like my original plan, but I liked it better anyway!

Watch Me Dance

I’ve also continued to practice my portrait drawings. I find most of mine look like the same person over, and over, and over. I guess that’s probably common for people that are just starting out, so I’m not worrying about that at the moment. I’m also including the first portrait I added color to (colored pencil and acrylic paints). As soon as I did that, I hated it completely. However, little by little, I might be salvaging it. It’s deffinately a work in progress.


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"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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4 Responses to Color, color, everywhere

  1. Marilyn Morrison says:

    I think your faces are wonderful… That type of drawing is something I have always wished I could do . I have been following your art a day project and enjoying it . Congratulations !

    • connieartz says:

      Thank you, Marilyn! Actually, you could do these faces – no doubt (I’ve seen YOUR blog! 🙂 ) I have never had ANY drawing ability either and I might be slow, but it’s doable.

  2. Amy McDonald says:

    Hey Connie,
    I like this with color.
    I think you are being over critical of it – maybe because you were the one who put in the hard time with this one, but it looks really A Lot better than you seem to think. I like the shading under the chin – not easy to do with paint.

    • connieartz says:

      Thanks Amy 🙂 I think I just have to quit COMPARING it to all the others I see! LOL Sheese!! I really did start from square one, so getting to this point is a big accomplishment. I’m going to give drawing right on the board a shot today. I’ve never used the Lazatron (whatever it’s called) stuff before and I’m figuring as long as I can erase, It’ll be workable. Wish me luck!

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