100+ Already

Today marks 104 days of art. I can’t believe I let day 100 go by and didn’t even notice! I guess that just goes to show that creating the 4×4 collages has become a bit of a habit. A positive habit, I have to say.

I’m over a quarter of the way through the year and already making plans for next year. Maybe trying an art journal again (as I’ve never been able to keep one up daily). This year is showing me that I CAN do it!

I’m sure you’ve noticed I have this thing for vintage images. I’ve started wondering if it’s like an art crutch. I love them. I have a gazillion of them to use. I wonder if I’m not only making things easy on myself, but also not challenging myself to do something different. Taking this drawing class is teaching me to stretch my comfort zone a bit. I’d say that’s a good thing, and something I need to continue to do on my own if I want to grow.

I have a few days of art to catch you up on:

April 14 - Never Fear

April 13 - It IS Seattle After All

April 12 - Across Miles

Thankfully, we all survived Spring Break with only a few minor bumps and bruises along the way. Since my studio is the one place I can get away from the crazy moments of the day, it took a big hit! I’ll be reorganizing for an hour or so later tonight. Picking up in the studio always seems to lead to an interesting art piece the following day. You never know what I may unearth that I’d forgotten about earlier.

Wishing you a peaceful evening…….


About connieartz

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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2 Responses to 100+ Already

  1. Amy McDonald says:

    ugh. thank GOD the kids’ spring break is ended.
    I *barely* let mine live…

    Look, i love the umbrella man.

    i love him.

    i would marry him if he weren’t a little paper guy.

    and a silhouette.

    that would be a hindrance as well…

  2. Amy McDonald says:

    you don’t keep an art journal?

    it would be so totally up your alley.

    do IT!

    omg. you Can’t do them wrong!

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