Private Thoughts

A couple of the art groups I belong to online have topic starters every so often. They throw out a question to the group concerning their art, then get people to throw in their thoughts on the subject. It got me thinking about my own art, and others.

I’m not one to pick apart art, and it drives me crazy when people talking to me do that. I mean, some things are very obvious of what the artist portrays in their piece, but underlying meanings? Does anyone really know?

The image of the woman in my piece today is one of my favorites.

Private Thoughts

She looks so serene to me. Sitting in her chemise, you don’t know if she’s just beginning the day, at the end of it, is she alone.. was she alone? What is it she’s thinking…  a tryst? The ending of a relationship? Is she missing someone? Is she lonely? Wistful? Is she remembering something.. or someone?

Not always, but there are often times in my art that I use a picture or create a feeling for something that is in me; a memory, a longing, a loss, even anger or disappointment. I don’t always share, as they may be in my art journal instead of my daily piece, but sometimes it’s a good way to work out those feelings.

I would imagine all of us do this, but then, you never really know unless you ask, right? I’d love to hear how you use your art to express yourself. Leave a comment or drop me a note!

Have a joyful day~


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"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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