Mellow Yellow

Maybe two weeks ago or so, I mentioned I’d spent some time making extra backgrounds. My plan was to have them on hand for when I’m out of town, but I found it was pretty handy on days I was in a hurry to grab one I like and go with it.

That said, there’s been this one background I made that I hate. No. Wait. Hate may not even be a word strong enough! I cringe when I see it sitting on the edge of my studio table goading me… “You made this… Are you going to do something with it?… Why is it still sitting there?” I had to get rid of it!

Mellow Yellow - or dog vomit yellow if you choose...

There! I used it! It can now go quietly into the boutineer box along with all the others. After tomorrow’s art, it will be hidden from my view unless I choose to see it.

I don’t think that will be happening for awhile.


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"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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One Response to Mellow Yellow

  1. Amy McDonald says:

    I like it.
    sorry, but I DO.

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