Live in Color

This morning I felt like getting my fingers inky. I started out in the studio first thing with a plan in mind, but not the supplies to do it. What do we artists do in that situation? We compromise and experiment!

I have to give credit where credit is due. I love how easy and fun Tim Holtz makes it to play with your inks and stamps. My backgrounds today were based on one of his how-to videos. Stop by to look at them (and his blog!) yourself:

Tim’s video was showing how to use distress inks, the release sheet, and tags to make fun art. Well, I didn’t have much for distress ink pads, I no longer have a release sheet, and I’m working on watercolor paper for my daily art at the moment. sooooooooooooooo….

I used a sheet of aluminum foil to wipe regular Adriondak ink pad on, spritz with water, press, tap, heatgun, repeat, etc… until I came up with these great papers:

Watercolor Paper Bases

I thought they turned out pretty cool! One thing I learned was that the color will come out much bolder than it would if I were stamping it. I think I’ll need to learn to use a lighter hand.

I particularly liked the ones I did with the lighter colors of Distress Ink pads (the only ones I had.) I’ve been wanting to do rusted papers, but didn’t want to deal with the smell (or the wait) to make them. Plus, rusted papers do continue to disinigrate much quicker because of how you make them. I thought this look was very similar, immediate results, and much less destructive.

Faux Rust paper?

Lastly, I did do a little stamping to complete today’s piece on my favorite background. The remaining squares will go in my stash of prepped bases for my travel art case.

Live in Color


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