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A bookstore can be a comforting place. A cup of coffee. Quiet time. A smile or nod passing someone in an isle, but still much like the hushed sense of a library. I’ve gotten into a habit of heading to the bookstore on Sunday mornings for a little sanity time. This morning was slightly different. I headed in the same direction, but took a different path. I never stopped at my usual place – just glancing as I passed. I shopped for a couple unnecessary wants… it didn’t have the same effect as I’d hoped.

Speaking of books, it sparked today’s piece.

Books Hold Ghosts of Dreams

Books Hold Ghosts of Dreams

Two nights ago, I watched “Atonement.” I bought the DVD long ago, but never got to seeing it. I liked the idea of the movie, but it didn’t do a lot for me. (If you plan on watching the movie and don’t want me to spoil it, stop reading.)

Pretty much, the concept was that an author wrote a book telling the story of how she’d made a grave mistake as a young girl and how it effected those she loved for the rest of their lives. However, at the very end of the movie, you learn that her book has been holding all of her ghosts… although it doesn’t paint her in any positive light, it tells more of her wishful thinking on how things might have gone, as she never had the opportunity to right all the wrongs that she had caused.

I wonder how many secrets and dreams are held captive in the books we read. Much like the art that gets posted on blogs. Only the artist knows the true thoughts behind them as they are created.


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"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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