You Scratch My Back…

Ten points if you know what these are, and a gold star if you’ve actually used them:

Question of the day!

Did you know? Did you guess?  Yes! It’s a whole box of re-inkers for my stamp pads. If you have stamp pads at home, you have to have a box of these babies to go with them. And, if no body has ever told you that, then consider this the day of knowledge.

I have to admit I have been taking horrid care of my stamp pads lately. Heck, they’re not cheap!! I will embarassingly tell you I counted my inkpad stash today. I have 43. YIKES! I think I’m a junkie! Today I ‘fed’ every single one of my colors with a fresh drink of ink.

Ink pads are one of those ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ kind of tools. Most people buy a pad, wear it out  (throw it out!) and buy a new one. Unfortunately, most hobby & craft stores like it when you do that, so they don’t teach you that you really need to buy a bottle of ink for each stamp pad color you buy. Simply refreshing the ink a couple times a year will let your stamp pad last indeffinately instead of the foam falling apart, or the strings peeling off the ends. Seriously! Also (unless you JUST reinked them) store your stamp pads upside down. This way, the ink stays on the surface of the pad – where you need it for use – instead of settling at the bottom.

Don’t kick yourself if you just realized you’ve probably thrown away perfectly good stamp pads in the past. I promise you’re not the first person to do that.

Fly Away Home

There are no inks on today’s art piece. I spent most of the time trying to put pieces together that didn’t fit my eye as I shook ink bottles and unclogged the tips.

I also began my Suzi Blu portraits class last night!

Drawing class day 1

I think this picture may look extremely basic – and I’m sure it is – but for me, it was an accomplishment to draw anything at all. 🙂 A page with no paint, stamps, or glue!! Amazing.  Next up is to begin a face.

Hmmmm… maybe tomorrow….


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"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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2 Responses to You Scratch My Back…

  1. Cheryl S. says:

    Hi Connie, I am so glad you included re-inking your stamp pad in your blog message! I am a stamping, mixed media, altered arts, etc. teacher at a local stamping store and I am always telling my students to re-ink their ink pads twice a year. I also tell them when they buy an ink pad to purchase the re-inker at the same time as they will have it on hand when needed. I have enjoyed browsing through your blog today.

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