Art seems to be following me lately. A week ago or so, I declared it Spring. The next day we had a major snow storm.  Yesterday, my art was titled The Winds of March. At the moment, we’re now under a Wind Advisory Warning. Sheese!! I’d better be careful what I say! 🙂


Years back, I taught a stamping class at a local craft store. One of my favorite classes to teach was one where the backgrounds were ‘painted’ in creamy inks, blended together, then we stamped on the tops. There were particularly beautiful ones that I did all in Asian styles. This was one of my favorite Dragons.


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2 Responses to Coincidence?

  1. Amy McDonald says:

    I LIKE that inky background.
    I made an inky background yesterday and it did Not turn out groovy and asian as your’s did.
    Mine looks bad.
    Like mustard.
    (and, inexplicably, baby poop)
    A (who has not done One Damn Suzi Face Yet….)

  2. connieartz says:

    I’ve made it a goal to avoid baby poop looking backgrounds. However, I am extremely good at them!! 🙂

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