Sunday Happenings

OMGosh!!  Sometimes things just come out of nowhere.  It’s almost 8pm – however I did today’s piece about 12 hours ago. Just as I post it here, I think, “It should’ve read, ‘This is the day to fall in love with your ART.’!”

That would’ve been fun to play with.

I joined my first online art class. It’s with SuziBlu, and I’m really excited about it. I can’t draw at all and this is a class on portraits/portrait collages. I spent today out stocking up on any supplies I didn’t own already. It was kind of fun shopping.

Fall in love with your heart.


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"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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4 Responses to Sunday Happenings

  1. Cheryl S. says:

    I don’t draw either but luckly there are a lot of great stamps, photos, and picture out there that is useable! I love this piece and all the others you have on your blog. Very nice work.

  2. Amy McDonald says:

    I just signed up for the suzi blu also!
    Oooh. Are you doing self guided goddess and poet?
    I am.
    We can compare notes and stalk one another on suzi blu pages.

    • connieartz says:

      That’ll be the one! 🙂 I just got all my supplies – some of which I’ve never touched before.

      Hmmm.. do I have a profile on SuziBlu? LOL I know it knows who I am when I sign in. I was a lot more computer literate 10 years ago.

      Can’t wait to get started. I think I’ll clear off my studio table tomorrow.

  3. Amy McDonald says:

    there that is me on suzi blu

    find me.
    we can compare our faces and stuff

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