A Passion for Nudes

Happy Saturday!

If you’ve known my art for any period of time, you already know I like using vintage nudes in my collage pieces. My friend, Linda, used to tease me if I didn’t include one, asking me if something was wrong with me that day.

I went back and forth on today’s creation. I’d put the page together in a way I liked, then began second guessing myself now that I’m posting my art here for the general public. Do I not post? Post with a warning? Do I cover her up in some way?

You’ll notice the little butterfly at the bottom left corner. I like it there, however it began as something I’d used to cover the nudity of the woman in the picture. Try as I may, I just couldn’t find a way to be more modest while still feeling as good about the collage.

Feb 5 - A Passion for Nudes

Finally I realized that I’m creating the art for me — so, if I feel like feeding my passion for nudes today, then that’s perfectly ok.


About connieartz

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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5 Responses to A Passion for Nudes

  1. linda says:

    ahhhhh, that’s more like it ;0) Love the nudes–just keep’em coming sweetie!

  2. Came over from ABC and enjoyed your “new” blog that looks pretty darn professional to me. Enjoyed see all of your work….clothed or not! Happy to meet another west coast ABC member.

  3. liz kettle says:

    Another ABC visitor Connie…love your blog and your nudes. Do what makes your heart sing and don’t worry about those who don’t like it.

  4. OMG- so sorry, Connie – I don’t think you are the Connie I know from Seattle suburbs>>>…yikes- just forget my senility! love your art anyway! Corinne

    • connieartz says:

      LOL!!! Yes, Corinne – it IS me, old friend 🙂 Yes, my kids are now hitting the 13, 14, & 15 yr mark. I’m sure you understand why I need my studio for sanity all the more these days.

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