Playing in Paint

I had a hard time motivating myself for today’s creative time. It was one of those mornings where I’d grab an old photograph, trim around the images with the intent of using it, then deciding I didn’t like it after all. Nothing seemed to “do it” for me today.

I finally ended up where I usually do at that point: Just slap some paint on something. Since I hadn’t used it in awhile, I grabbed a bottle of apple red acrylic, and plain old black. There’s nothing like bold colors when you can’t make up your mind, is there? After scraping some red over the watercolor paper with an old credit card, I poured some of the black out onto to paper protecting my desk, and scratched a little of that over the top. Hmmm… I was starting to feel a little better about all this!

From there, I added a couple things around the edges, but I still wasn’t satisfied with it. That’s when the magic happened. I inked the script stamp with Stazon black, but not wanting it to be as bold as the other images, I stamped it once on scrap paper before pressing it hard onto the painted surface.  WOW! Instead of stamping, it stuck to the page and pulled OFF the painted background. That was not what I intended to happen, but I loved the result!

Feb 4

I tried  a few different ways:  Stamping with a dry stamp did nothing. Inking the stamp and stamping onto the page just left the stamped image. The only way it worked to pull the paint off the page was to ink with Stazon, stamp once on scrap paper, then stamp the second time on the painted page.

This was pretty cool. If you try it, let me know what you think!

These were my other creations to share today. A friend of mine was over a couple weeks ago and we were making charms and different things from a new book she’d purchased. It’s been a while since I’ve spent time making jewelry, but as I’ve worked on my pages the last few days, the little plastic dishes of crystals and beads keep starring at me. They looked like they were just waiting for someone to use them (or put them away and I had to make a serious choice to the lesser of two evils!)

I came up with these simple dangles for now. I may put them on Etsy when I spend time getting that up and running in the near future.

OMGosh! I just realized looking at my own picture that I’m missing a beadcap on one of these earrings! I kept wondering why the picture looked a bit off. I guess I’d better head back into the studio and fix that right this minute.


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One Response to Playing in Paint

  1. Marion says:

    Isn´t it great how sometimes mistakes turn into art? Your blog is lovely, and your photos look quite professional, hope you´ll have much fun in blogland!

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