Second Week of January

Today being day one, it’s catch up for the year.  I’ve decided to go a week at a time and get my daily collages posted. I suppose I should explain what it is I’ve decided to do with these daily pieces.

January 2nd - my friend Marci's favorite colors

I’ve been trying to get into the studio on a consistent basis for years now, but I seem to go in phases. I may get on a roll and start all kinds of projects one day, then they sit for weeks (or months… or – embarrassingly – years) in a drawer… hidden away.. waiting. For the past two years, I’ve tried to keep an art journal. I now have about 5 different art journals in varying sizes, bindings, etc. Let me tell you that there are partially completed pages in every single one of those books! They’re great when I want to jump start my creativity. Grab a book. Slap some paint or ink on a page. Just do something!  This time, I decided to go for simple.

January 3rd

When I took on this challenge, I looked around for the simplest thing I could find to use as my art base. My plan ended up being manilla shipping tags. Easy, right? However, on my way to grab them from the drawer (above the assortment of unfinished creations), what did I spy but a stack of 4×4″ watercolor paper. Did I mention they were sitting there from another incomplete endeavour? Ha! Quickly confiscated and repurposed for 2011!

January 4th

Each day, I am creating art of some kind on one of these 4×4″ squares. I’m finding it difficult depending on what I do with them. The watercolor paper has a bit of ‘tooth’ to it and leaves a texture that can be desirable, or ruin what I’m trying to accomplish.

January 5th - I loved the Autumn colors of this one

I haven’t decided what I’ll be doing with each of these yet. For the time being I’m storing them by day in a clear boutonniere box from the floral shop. Being 4×4″, I’m thinking I could collage copies onto tile and seal for coasters. Hmm. Maybe I’ll consider this nearer the holidays.

January 6th

January 7th - Nick Bantock style

January 8th



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One Response to Second Week of January

  1. Cheryl S. says:

    Each and every one of these is great!

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