I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can

One thing I could never figure out is why everyone seems to have a blog these days. Why on earth then, have I considered creating my own blog? Do I have the beginning stages of senility at such a young age? Naaaaaaaaaa.

Actually, I do have a plan in mind and a reason behind my blog. With what knowledge I have (and seem to find myself completely ‘blog illiterate’), I’ve found a few art blogs online that totally capture my interest. Even as I begin my first post here, I have no clue how to subscribe to a blog or post what I plan to here. That said, I’m going to do it!

Some of my friends enjoy keeping up on my art projects. Others are avid kitchen wenches, such as myself, and sharing the latest creation for dinner is just as enticing. A few more from my home town may just like hearing what’s going on in life at the moment. I suppose I could easily continue to post every day on a ‘social network’ – you know… cramming my art and thoughts down everyone’s throats – like it or not! Somehow it sounds much more gentle to offer them up here for those who wish to have them.

Ok. I guess a blog is sounding better by the moment!

As for me, I’ve given myself a challange – Create at least one piece of art every day this year. Why? Well, why not? No, it’s not part of a group thing, or another blog, or anything else. I’ve just seen others that have committed themselves to daily blog posts or weekly journaling, and taking time to be creative every single day seems like good therapy to me.

Speaking of good therapy, I’ve decided that I’ll post the bad along with the good. I’m far from perfect, and art is a mixture of play, practice, taste, and hormones! I’m hoping for some exceptional days, and know there will be some beastly ones, too. I had to share that tidbit before I posted my collage from January 1st.  I hated it. Badly! But, here goes:

Well my friends, it’s January 31st today. I have a month’s worth of art to share right off the bat! I guess I’d better get moving on to those help screens.


About connieartz

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again". Joseph Campell
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